Web Interface stopped working , database locked

Hi Guys
we recently installed pbx on AWS instance to do a test run.
it worked for couple of hours fine we registered extensions/trunks and calls were working fine.
then we installed ADD-ONs Sonata Switchboard, Billing, Stats.
and as soon that installed. we can no longer access web dashboard for PBX, and calls stopped working.

I logged onto VM itself and gone to Asterisk CLI, and can see its throwing errors. Database Locked.
not sure if its some known issue.
any quick fix for this before I go ahead with complete re-install of pbx.


Hello welcome to the community! :grinning:
Have you tried restarting asterisk? also the problem may be that the amount of space on your hard disk is low and the disk may be full.

HI , yes restarted VM few times, also done Asterisk restart, no difference.
space is 57gb Free so no issue on that.

i think i will do a re-install from scratch as its just test pbx and that will be quick.

I actually had the exact same issue, and after stopping the fail2ban service I was able to reach it

Hello, as the friend mentioned, I also had this problem while configuring the extensions, probably tried to register a few times and failed, the fail2ban blacklisted.

disable it and remove your ip from the list.

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