Web Interface Crashing Intermittently

New install of Vital PBX. I’ve set up a few tenants and am close to the point of going into production with it for a couple on clients but I’ve had the web interface become unavailable twice without warning. I’ll be working in the web interface configuring an extension, or some other inconsequential setting and the web interface will suddenly stop responding. Calls work fine during this time and Apache is still running when this happens. However, the web interface remains unavailable until I manually restart Apache. I see some errors in the Apache log. Can anyone give my some input on what may be causing this to happen seemingly at random? I don’t want to move into production and have users unable to access their extensions or Vitxi.

The error seems to be related to the MarisDB connectivity.

To better understand, you should share your environment and Server SPECS.

It’s a brand new virtual machine ( less than 2 weeks) install using the VitalPBX net installer ISO. It’s hosted on a Proxmox Server and is currently allocated 64GB RAM, 32 CPU cores, and 1TB storage.

Well, for some reason, MySQL is losing connection, so the GUI became unavailable.

Maybe someone from here that uses Proxmox can give you some tips about how to configure your Proxmox correctly for VitalPBX.

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Does VitalPBX have published guidelines for supported configuration somewhere that I’m not seeing? I have many different clients using many different operating systems and configurations, many of which are virtualized using Proxmox/KVM and haven’t had issues like this. Is it possible this is a bug in VitalPBX? Should I be reaching out for support on this issue through another method like a ticket since this is a Carrier Plus licensed system?

Try with the optimization script:

vitalpbx --optimize-mariadb

The command above will restart the MariaDB, so execute it when the PBX is not in use to avoid losing CDR data or other information.

I ran the above command. It completed successfully but can you explain how this may solve the issue?

Edit: Just had it happen again a few moment ago. I ran the optimize command about an hour ago so that doesn’t seem to have solved it. Had to restart Apache to get the web interface running again.

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Have you checked MySQL logs?

MySQL log located in /var/log/mysql is empty.

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