Way to Block Calls to Certain Area Codes

I have a list of about 10 NANP area codes to certain islands or countries that are known for fraudulent billing if called. On a different system, I can list the area codes with no outbound trunk and have the call fail to an announcement. I cannot figure out how to do that with VitalPBX 4.

I’d appreciate any suggestions. Also, on the route screen Final Destination, it will not accept an announcement in the drop-down menu. It would be nice to have a route with no trunks and a final destination that is a custom recording explaining why the call cannot be completed. Another option would be to add to the terminate call options where you can select an announcement instead of just hang up, congestion, etc.

I figured out a very, very awkward way to do this:

  1. Create a virtual extension (9901) with no voice mail.
  2. Create a ring group (9902) with the only member being the virtual extension.
  3. Add my custom announcement to the ring group which says calls to this area code are not permitted.
  4. Created a custom trunk group as a loopback trunk which simply dials the ring group number (9902) after deleting all incoming digits that were dialed.

@miguel I would certainly like to see some combination of these features added to facilitate a number of possibilities:

  1. Allow custom application to provide a way to select an announcement in the drop-down.
  2. Allow outbound routes to have no trunks and a failover destination of an announcement or the custom application in #1 above.

You can choose an announcement as the destination of a custom application. If you didn’t see announcements it must have been, none existed when you tried to create the custom application. Here is a screenshot and its been present for a long time.

You can also create a Class of Service choosing your outbound route and set pattern based dial restriction rules that point to your announcements already. You just have to make sure to create the Outbound route and your Dialrestrictinos before you create the Class of Service . Then set the Class of Service on the extensions.

Dialing Restriction Rules


Thank you very much. I learned something new today! I appreciate your help.

I had “recordings” but did not have any defined as “announcements.”


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