WARNING | sent to invalid extension but no invalid handler


I have a IVR with options that forward all call’s to external numbers:

One of the options have a ring group with many numbers with five digits “XXXXX” and work’s without problem.

Another option, has a external number with 3 digits “20X” and never works, in booth situations, when I define a ring group with just this number or a Custom Application with the number in code and define the external outbound route in Destination, like this:


Or with this ring group with just this number,


Every time I received this error when the IVR arrive to this number:

[2022-06-21 12:21:23] WARNING[8409][C-00000051] pbx.c: Channel ‘PJSIP/75003-00000089’ sent to invalid extension but no invalid handler: context,exten,priority=trk-group-10,0,1


With the Custom Application, if I call to the number directly, it works withou problems, but with ring group, the number can’t be reached.

What can be?

This is my IVR configuration:


I had tried to change the COS, but the issue is the same

Why do you need to create custom applications to route to outbound routes?

If your outbound route has the dial patterns defined, you don’t need to create an additional step to route calls.

Yes, you are right. But I just can call this external 20X number in this way, with custom applications.


But I can’t reach the number from another way.

What you think that could be?

Reason: Q.850;cause=16


This is my log from call. The call don’t reach the destination

After I click in the option in IVR, I listen a record before call to the extension, and than, BYE

with the change of Custom Applications to the Custom Destinations, it works :sweat_smile: