VPBX4 Phone BLF quit working and have to reboot phones

Yealink phones blf indicators quit showing extensions status. Reboot the phones and will start working.

Same issue here… Been troubleshooting internally for a few days. Trying to determine if its a Vital problem or Yealink problem. My tests are inconclusive so far. My environment is difficult to troubleshoot as I use the VPN client on the phones. All the SIP traffic is in the tunnel. So PCAP is useless.

Any input as to what may be causing this would be greatly appreciated.

There has not been any change here. My customer is living with it but it does not look good on the system. I’ve had multiple issues BLF included with PJSIP which we are forced to use now.

Try updating to the latest VitalPBX version that comes with Asterisk 18.17.1

The latest version of Asterisk 18 seems to come with a fix related to your issue.