VoIP.ms - Trunk being rejected


I use voip.ms for my trunk, (I know that this is vitals forums, but I trust the ppl here)

I keep on getting a rejection for my outbound registration
I have 2 separate PBX boxes and 2 separate trunks (1 regular and 1 sub-account)

My 1st PBX uses VitalPBX 3.1.5-4 - Asterisk 18.6.0-2
My 2nd PBX uses VitalPBX 3.2.1-1 - Asterisk 18.10.0-1

Any suggestions are appreciated.
Thanks in advance

Are you using IP Auth or User and Password auth?

Can you share your trunk configurations? Remember to hide any sensitive information.


Are you getting some kind of errors in the Asterisk CLI?

Does the VoIP.ms domain used in the trunk match the one used in the VoIP.ms portal?

i can log in soon to the CLI to check for errors, (didn’t have errors in the past)

the domain matches the Voip.ms config

Have you requested support from VoIP.ms?

Yes, they made me register the trunk to a Soft Phone and test it like this, which I did, and while I had it there, all was good, but whenever I go back to the PBX, I the issue followed

Check if you have a firewall in the middle or any other device that might block the communication between the PBX and the VoIP provider.

I think there is a blog post on vitalpbx about voip.ms.
Did you check that?

And a voip.ms wiki as well.

i already tried turning off all firewalls

checked both, I didn’t see anything there helpful to my issue

Try to change Contacts to sip:AccountNumber@popServer.voip.ms:5060
The Account Number should be = your voip.ms account number/username or sub-account number/username.
popServer should be the same configured for the DID POP in voip.ms portal.

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