Voicemail prompts not working with destinations

Unsure if this is a one off for my instance, i’m doing something wrong, or this is a bug.
I cannot seem to get voicemail prompts to work when setting an extension or one of the “Voicemail” options under the Last Destination (in a ring ground) or as an Invalid or Timeout Destination (in an IVR).

When I reach a one of those destination conditions, all I hear is dead air but when looking at the logs and the voicemail history of the extension, it is clearly going to voicemail and completely skipping the prompts.

When direct dialing the extension from the IVR, it will play the voicemail prompt perfectly fine.

I have done some googling but I can’t seem to find anyone with a similar issue

Would you share some screenshots of the configuration you are using?

Additionally, would you please provide the VitalPBX version?

Yes absolutely. I have attached screenshots of the versions, the extensions voicemail settings, global voicemail settings, and a ring groups settings.

(I have placed them in an imgur post as it will only let me post one image at a time)

Are you able to share a call trace from Asterisk CLI? Your settings seem ok!

That’s what I was thinking. In the call trace it clearly shows it plays the vm intro and the beep then saves the vm but I hear nothing but dead air. When calling the extension directly, I can hear the vm intro and the beep.

Attached is the call trace. This is calling in to the number, hitting the ring group and waiting for the last destination to be reached
call trace dump.txt (42.5 KB)