Voicemail doesn't play old message on phone if it was played in Vitxi first

Here is the issue that can repeat.

If I leave a message on extension and I play it back using *97 then exit the mailbox the system automatically makes it an old message. If I call back in I can play the old message.

If I leave a message on extension and I play it back using Vitxi web interface and then call *97 on my phone it will say I have an old message but it won’t play it.

I did some trace and looked into what is happening and hopefully I can explain clearly. If you listen to a message on the phone it puts it into the OLD folder in the spool directory as msg0000.wav in sequential order. So if you already have msg0000.wav it will make the new old file msg0001.wav etc…
If I listen to it on Vitixi it will make some random number like msg3725.wav and the next message you listen to will also be a random number like msg4627.wav in the voicemail directory for the user.

What else I figured it I change the Max Messages in the Voicemail setting in the VitalPBX gui to 9999 it will reorder all the message when you try back to the lowest possible number and then it will work. However if you have the default 100 messages it will not reoder any message number over msg0100.wav and it won’t playback the old message.