Voicemail Box No extension or VM for ring groups. ACD,. etc

I would like to enable voicemails for ring groups. or ACD, as overflow destination, for example to ne used as a general voicemail.

Just choose Voicemail as Final Destination.
If needed you can create a dummy extension for that voicemail.

Yup Thanks But I meant avoiding creating extensions, even for security you do not want to create a bunch of dummy extensions

There is no other way and it’s not a security issue if you chose a good password.

And why a bunch of voicemails? A main one could be enough.

Customers with many General Voicemails (Department)

Can you please elaborate why?

Well more chances for a brake in, less control to manage ,

Also If you create VM boxes only you could use them more freely, without the need or worry of technologies, also you could use it for example to upload greeting easier via the GUI and share the voicemail with a group of extensions, such as sales, hr, customer service, etc.

Having less extensions doesn’t make your PBX more secure.

Eitherway, you can create an extension with no device, or a virtual extension. Those have no credentials.

that is a good alternative

What I said here but forgot to mention “none”. That is what was meant with dummy.