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Hi VitalPBX

  1. Can you check why, queue value empty ?

I create queue 200 and queue member 201, when i call to queue 200 and receive by ext 201, value queue on crm popup is empty.

Array ( [call_type] => incoming [caller_name] => agent03 [caller_number] => 203 [callee_name] => agent02 [callee_number] => 202 [queue] => )

Please see screenshoot on below


  1. Can you add a DID variable to CRM URL? Example : Our call center has 2 DID numbers from Trunk, I want to know from which DID source call.

  2. How to add other variables, for example: when a customer makes a call to our call center and enters the ivr, then the customer is asked to enter the “booking id” number. I want to send the variable to vitxy CRM URL

  3. Can you add a {UNIQID} variable or a {LINKEDID} call as a variable?

  4. Can you add an “Automatic Popup” option? The current state of the “user” must click the CRM icon.
    If “Automatic Popup” there is another option “when call ringing” or answer.

  5. When a user makes an outgoing call, can you add a “call_id” variable or a linkedID/UniqID variable?


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In incoming call modal, is the queue name displayed?

Sure, we can add this dynamic value to the url for the next version

We will consider these variables for a future release.

We will add this option for the next version. You should only bear in mind that if you have configured the url execution mode to “in a new window”, this option is subject to browser permissions, since some browsers block pop-up windows when it is executed automatically (without user interaction ).

Would these be the same variables described in point number 4?

In URL preview, queue number, but is ok if you also add queue name

Current :

URL Preview:{call_type}&caller_name={caller_name}&caller_number={caller_number}&callee_name={callee_name}&callee_number={callee_number}&queue={queue}

Next :
URL Preview:{call_type}&caller_name={caller_name}&caller_number={caller_number}&callee_name={callee_name}&callee_number={callee_number}&queue_name={queue_name}&queue_number={queue_number}

OK Sir, thx

Yes, Option “Pop-up” and “not-popup”.

  1. “With Pop-up”
    Manual Pop-up (with user interaction) on New Tab.
    Automatic Pop-up on New Tab → option “when call is ringing” or “when call in accepted”

  2. “With Not Pop-up”
    URL still executing without popup, sometime we need to Save Data From A Call to other database.

Example : URL Preview:{call_type}&caller_name={caller_name}&caller_number={caller_number}&callee_name={callee_name}&callee_number={callee_number}&queue_name={queue_name}&queue_number={queue_number}

on popup.php we will make connected to our database and insert all value.

Yes Sir,


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But, the number of the queue is replaced correctly when opening the URL of the CRM? or not shown?

Hi Sir,

“Not shown”


Everyone expects to be integrated with the CRM app. how to do popup in their crm app when incoming call, how to do outbound call etc. As a programmer, I hope to be able to modify the source webrtc frontend. Maybe you should consider creating a separate “frontend” module that can be modified by the programmer so that it is free to integrate with the app crm. This module can be freely embed in their CRM source app, the programmer displays customer data based on the variables received from the ipbx tel system.

@MASTERING_VOIP, our applications are closed source. We do the modifications according to the customers’ needs. If you need an open-source application, here is a project that you can modify according to your needs.

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