VitXi WebRTC idle unregester

I have issue seems to be unlogic ,
WebRTC VitXi is working great and regestring fine , all thins is ok but after leaving the session idle about 4 to 5 mins , when ringing on the extention on WebRTC ringing on caller but not ringing in the WebRTC

and also the regestration string changes from the cient public ip adress to your push notification server ip :smiley:

as below

Any Help!

The work around ,
Blocked the ip address from the ip tables

Are you using the Vitxi client and the Vitalpbx Mobile app with the same extension device? From the behavior you are describing it seems like it. Each one of those clients should use their own device so that this doesn’t happen to you.

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No device registered through mobile application,
once I blocked the ip address the registery is stable

You are obviously doing something wrong… There’s no way that VitXi WebRTC should use the push server. Unless if the VitalPBX devs have released some unannounced “feature” that is breaking this.

What is the configuration can be wrong ? what is troubleshooting matrics can I do ?