VitXi WebRTC app chat issue

We had a User discover a issue and/or a bug with the Chat section inside VitalPBX.
This User opened a Chat window with another User they were communicating with inside
their Tenant and Group. When the Chat window loaded, it opened a chat between two
different Users not even in the same Tenant or Group as the Origanal User and the chat username
also changed from the User they were communicating with to the other Users username.

We looked over all the configuration and found nothing wrong with them, We also looked over the log files and found no errors regarding Chat.

Please Advise

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Good Evening Everyone,

I was seeing if anyone has any progress or information on this issue yet?

In case it was not obvious from the original, we have VitalPBX configured in multi-tenant mode and the two tenants in question do not have a rule allowing them to talk to each other.

Possible database or chat server corruption?

Please advise, thanks.

We will report this to our development team. Please stay tuned to the VitXi updates.

On the other hand, please consider sharing the VitXi and VitalPBX versions.

Thank you for your response.

We are currently running, VitalPBX Version 3.2.3-7 and VitXi Version 1.1.2-3

Please advise, thanks

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Hello Sir,

to check, has the tenant assigned to the user been changed?

Best regards!


Nothing has changed with any configurations or settings on either Tenants or Users.

Please advise, thanks

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We would like to review the issue in detail, could you please send me your AnyDesk ID to



Thank you for your concern, however our security policy does not allow for third party remote access to any of our systems.

Is there another way we can provide you with the detailed information for this issue.

Please advise.

What “third party” is here? VitalPBX is literally the manufacturer of the product you are using.

All he’s asking, is that you provide remote access so he can troubleshoot it WITH you.

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Thank you for your response, however anyone that is not an employee of our company is considered a 3rd party.

Unfortunately, we do not provide remote access thru our firewalls or any other means to our production systems.