VitXi - Two Incoming Call's


We have an issue in VitXi.
This situation is happening for a while but we where waiting for the update.
We already have the VitXi last version but it still happens.
When receiving two calls at the same time. And we choose to answer one, VitXi answers both and one stays in conversation and the other on hold.

Thanks in advance,
João Valente

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Thanks for reporting it,

We are going to test on our development servers to proceed to fix it.


Hey there,

I did try this by having the softphone ring at the same time with 2 calls. I answered the one call and the second call continued to ring as it should. I know there is a similar issue with the switchboard but I’m not getting that on Vitxi.

Let’s see if anyone else can chime in who has the same results as you.



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it also happens when spy from sonata switchboard V4, but v3 working well.

This issue is possibly addressed in the latest update of VitalPBX 4. Please update and let us know!

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