Vitxi, Tenants and phonebooks

Hello, this may be a feature that doesn’t exist currently or I am being a goof and just missing the setting(s). I can’t seem to give Vitxi users that are on their own tenant access to a phone book. I am also unable to create phone books for tenants in Vital PBX as that option seems to also not exist, please can someone let me know where to find the option or if I need to make a feature request? :smiley:

Many thanks in advance :smiley:

In order to access the Phonebook module from tenants, you’ll have to add it under module access in the Tenant Administrator User Profile, to do so, in the main tenant navigate to Admin > Admin > User Profiles, select the Tenant Administrator profile and add access to the Phonebooks module

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AH! thank you! thank did the trick. i didn’t realise that even if I was logged in as super admin, making that change would have that effect!

Thank you!

Also, it’s worth mentioning, since you suggested that I found a permission setting in the Tennant Administrator profile to allow per tenant Phone provisioning too!!! So I can now have provisioning templates in each of my tenants rather then having them all in the main instance, MUCH TIDIER!! thank you thank you!

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