VitXi server registration issue: How to permanently fixe?

Hello dear team

We are facing from time to time the disconnection of VitXi from the Pbx server.
We are wondering how to fix it permanently as it’s disturbing client’s users.

Most of time it’s working fine but there are sometimes it decides to disconnect and show bellow message without us or client to touch anything, after sometime, it decides to come live again.

Sometimes when it goes offline, we need to restart the whole server to fix it. Some others time we dont even need to restart or touch anything.

We users in multiple countries and when this issue occures, all are impacted.

Now we want to understand:

  • Why does it work like that?
  • What do we need to do so that it can be fixed permanently?

Thanks a lot

I think the issue is in SSL certificate
Check the certificate chain

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Hello dear @mohamed.soliman

Thanks for you suggestion

As we use Let’s Encrypt, should we use a paid Certificate for more stability?
The Service work and sometime it decides to not work

Thanks again

For more stability use paid certificate
But in the meantime distribute R3 CA on the client devices

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hello dear @mohamed.soliman

Thanks for your reply

How do we do this?

Sure, we are going to take a Sectigo Certificate

Thanks a lot

Can the client machine access the WSS ports?

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hello dear @PitzKey

I’m not sure i understood your kind question, but, the VitXi users are connected all the day, sometime, the next day when they want to use VitXi, the notice that red message and try several times to refresh the browser with no success until we restarted the server.

yesterday we changed the SSL Certificate, we removed Let’s Encrypt and chosed a paid option from Sectigo, as of now, service seams to work, so we will monitor to see if it will go down again or not.

Also, can you help to know how to distribute R3 CA on the client devices ? and what will be the purpose of this action?

Best regards

The connection happens over a websocket. Please check if they can reach the following URL while they have issues registering.

sure dear @PitzKey

We will check the same and let you know!

Any idea regarding distribute R3 CA on the client devices ?

Hello dear @PitzKey

Is it normal to show this?

How do we fix?

Best regards

Yes it is. Do you have trouble now to register from this PC?

hello dear @PitzKey

No trouble, i’m connected, but one of my clients just told me he was disconnected for arround 10 minutes then system came again live by itself.

This is a huge problem with our client as he doesnt want to have such down times

Can you ask them to try that link while they cannot register?

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yes, already asked them

Will this help to determine the issue?

Check this topic

Hello dear @mohamed

We have now upgraded our sectigo custom Certificate

Now, the Web Socket is randomly woking, sometime it reachable sometime not.

For the certificate, the CA CHAIN contains 3 “certificates”, should add them all?
Could this be the issue?

@PitzKey please have also a look here please