Vitxi - phone will not register

we are testing around with Vitxi
we are testing on the internal network, so only the firewall on the Vitalpbx server is active.

Vitxi worked shortly, and now you can login to the GUI, but the phone will not register.
We have disabled the firewall ValPBX (just to make sure) and the SIP and PJSIP works fine, without Vitxi,

Anyone with some good ideas?
How can locate the issue?

The first thing is to make sure that you use the WebRTC device profile for the VitXi device.

Also, checkout this blog post and make sure you followed everything

Thank you,
we have been following it, and it has been workign shortly,
However, I can see other users have had same issues? Vitxi WebRTC Registration errors - persistent issues - #6 by miguel

as I understand, we should be to call the *https://YOURPBX-IPADDRESS:8089/httpstatus
however, we are not able to do so,

What’s the output of:

asterisk -x"http show status"

It shows as below


It’s says disabled, are you sure you followed all the steps mentioned in the blog?

Yes, it says disabled.
Followed it step by step
Made a double check (just to make sure) - step by step

After reseeting the apache server (with the command from my other post): HTTP / HTTPS disabled by mistake - #2 by PitzKey

Webrtc is now working :slight_smile:

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