VitXi On Demand / One Touch Recording

I have searched the forum and scoured the web, maybe I just missed it or don’t understand how it works. There is no record button in VitXi or Connect. I have extensions setup to record on demand but don’t know how to activate it. I tried to use *3 while on a call but it does nothing. Also validated that the feature code is active. What am I missing?

How do I activate recording, on demand, from VitXi or Connect?

Thanks in advance!

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Does any other DTMF in call work?

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If you are using Vitxi, you would face that the DTMF is being duplicated while pressing the keys * and 3
as “**33” instead of being sent as “*3”

So, I figured this one out. Was quite simple. Should have been more straight forward but it wasn’t. If you are going to issue DTMF commands on a call, you have to use the little keypad within the call control area. Not the big, obvious keypad on the left bottom corner of the screen. Works great when you use the correct keypad…lol.

Anyway. Would be amazingly useful to have a record button in the call control area.

Have a great day all.

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