VitXi - Needs Refresh on login

We have VitXi working and setup, apart from when a user logs in initally, it shows:

The connection to your server could not be established.

Please, contact the administrator.

If we press CTRL - R, it reloads the page and we get connected. We have been through the firewall and the settings per the VitXi setup documentation. But can’t see anything wrong why it requires a hard refresh.

This happens in the browser (Firefox) and the Chrome based app.

Could you specify the VitXi version?



And PBX:

VitalPBX 4.0.5-1
PBX Engine 18.19.0-1

Client is on Windows 11 / Feature Pack 1000.22674.1000.0

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will replicate the issue on our development server to address it in the next version.

Best regards!

Where’s hosted? Do you have any firewall or proxy?

Hosted on a VM (KVM using Proxmox). Firewall is basic for now for testing, so mainly the VitalPBX firewall until production and we know what we will need / not need. No proxy either.

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