VitXi Mobile client

I have an issue with VitXi Mobile client. Outbound calls are ok (no problem here).
On inbound call to extension I get message:
– Called PJSIP/103/sip:103@;x-ast-orig-host=
== Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/0/1)
– Executing [s@send-mobile-push:21] Hangup(“Local/103@pjsip-push-0000003b;2”, “”) in new stack
== Spawn extension (send-mobile-push, s, 21) exited non-zero on ‘Local/103@pjsip-push-0000003b;2’
== Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/0/1)

I can confirm that the endpoint is registered and not in use.

Does anyone had a similar issue?

Remember that for VitXi Mobile the profile has to be PJSip Default (No WebRTC). That may be the Issue.


yes the profile is set to PJSIP default. I did try and trace in different scenarios but there seems to me that it could be something more than just a profile.
I did reach the support (paid for the support plan) but couldn’t manage to get the timeline for the remote session.
Anyway this is a deal breaker if we can’t solve it.
Also the support ticket isn’t resolved and the only thing the support gave me was (profile change) check the ports oppened, NAT (but I have no NAT in PBX enviroment) and that’s it. No other solution. Now I got response that the support is over due and if I wish to get support I need to buy another support plan.

We have a bunch of deals in process but if we cant solve this issue all those costumers will get different solution (not vital).


I’ve checked your case, and you don’t have any support code associated with your accounts. As you were told in ticket #313, you must acquire a support package for remote assistance.

We know that the iOS version of VitXi has some issues with push notifications, so you can use the VitalPBX Mobile app on iOS for better results.

If you are using the Android version, just check in the PJSIP profile has the option “Use AVPF” disable.

Additionally, make sure to update VitalPBX to the latest version.

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Hi Miguel,

This is working flawlesly. Only thing left is that when the connection is changed - from LTE to Edge the android app freezes, also when going from wifi to LTE or vice versa.

The PBX is latest version and the only codec used is A-law. I’ll try to add aditional codec (ILBC) or some more compressed codec which uses less bandwith and report back. Also I need to test on iOS to get feedback.

For support ticket I’ll check but there is no doubt that the support code was paid.

Kind regards

For iOS we already release in beta the VitXi Mobile substitute that is VitalPBX Mobile, please do your tests with VitalPBX Mobile.

I’ve tested switching from LTE to WiFi and vice versa, but the VitXi application doesn’t get freeze. I am using a Galaxy A51 with Android 11.

It is possible that the connectivity issue when switching between Networks be related to your Phone model, version, or hardware.

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