Vitxi integrated to saleforge

Hi Team Vitalpbx

Do you have plan integrated vitxi webrtc to salesforge crm?


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Hello sir,

Would the integration be to show salesforce contacts in VitXi?, or what features/resources do you suggest for a possible integration?

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Hi Sir,

The simplest example is: When logging into salesforce automatically login to the webrtc vitxi (single sign on). vitxi is embedded in the sales force. Here’s an example of it.

lightningcti.png (1600×849) (

lightning-2a.png (1180×879) (

Salesforce CTI Integration|Salesforce Telephony Integration|

The point is vitxi webrtc will appear as a panel, When the user wants to make an outbound call, the user can copy and paste the customer number into the vitxi webrtc “box” or click on the dialpad. And when there is an incoming call a popup will appear showing the customer number. I think this is a killer feature, if you can do it.