VitXi install - database setup fails

This is a new VitalPBX 4 install on ARM64 / Debian 11.
I followed the preparations to install as per VitXi WebRTC - VitalPBX Wiki. Then the first install step ‘Database Setup’ fails with “Could Not Connect. Please Check Your Settings.”

  • Port 6001 TCP is open.
  • vitalpbx check-integrity finds no issues
  • systemctl status mysql shows:
    [Note] InnoDB: The file ‘./vitxi/migrations.ibd’ already exists though the corresponding table did not exist in the InnoDB …
    [ERROR] InnoDB: Cannot create file ‘./vitxi/migrations.ibd’.

Any suggestion?

  • Delete the VitXi database.
  • Uninstall the add-on.
  • Install the add-on and complete the wizard.

Since that was a new install, I just started clean and VitXi installed as expected.
Thank you!