VitXi - Import Contacts with avatar

Good morning,

One question, when exporting the csv file with the contacs in VitXi. The columm avatar is completed with an file name created by VitXi.

When importing in other VitXi account the csv file, the avatar don’t appear.
My question is can I point a png file in the avatar columm to a file that exists in the same folder in order to be able to import also the avatar picture?

Thanks in advance,
João Valente

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Hello Sir,

Yes, in the avatar column, the name of the file should be placed, which should be located in the directory vitxi/backend/storage/avatars. This way, the images can be loaded correctly.


I can’t find vitxi/backend/storage/avatars directory.
I have the webrtc version. Where EDGE storages the avatar information from VitXi?

João valente


This directory is located in /usr/share/vitxi/backend/storage/avatars


My mistake.
That informaton is store in the VitalPbx server, right?
So if i copy the folder avatars from one user to other user (in the server) and then in the vitxi client import the csv file with the same avatars names it should work.
Thanks in advance.

João Valente


You can copy the “avatars” folder from server “A” to server “B”. Then import “contacts.csv” on server “B”.

It should work.