VitXi | Create feature to only managment users from each group


I would like to propose or to know if it is possible to create a profile with management for each group that we have.

I have many groups, and if I allow Management for users:


All profiles will have access to all users from all groups from VitXi.


I would like that the management from group A, just management users from group A, and Managements from group B, can management just users from group B like other groups and create a profile that can management more than one gruop, but not all groups.

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Hi Sir,

Currently there aren’t permissions to manage specific groups within a single tenant.

If you have several tenants, you could create an administrator for each tenant and they will be able to manage only the groups of the tenant assigned to them.

The “users” permission allows you to access the users module, create, update and delete.


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Could you please add this feature for just one tenant?

Inside our Tenant we have very departements and we want that each manager of this department can manage the data of each users that are available to use or show.

For us, don’t make sense create each tenant for each department, because we have very different departments inside each tenant.

Thanks for your attention

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Thank you for your suggestion, we will discuss it with the team members,


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