Vitxi Client issue on VitalPBX lastest version

Hello, I have Upgrade my PBX from 3.2.3-6 to 4.0.0-8, is not an upgrade but i have reinstall the pbx with lastest version with restoring the backup. my issue now the vitxi webrtc extension is unregistred. i’ve check all the the configuration and its ok it working with the old version but after i install the lastest version vitxi webrtc not working.

Any help ?

Did you set up a valid Domain and Cert?

Are you getting some error messages in the Asterisk CLI?

I recommend you to re-check all the settings related to WebRTC.

i have not setup any domain even with the old version working without any domain set
and i have configure cert with self signed method and the hostname is the ip address of the PBX.

The VitXi app requires a valid cert and domain. These are restrictions given by the Browser providers.

you talk about vit 4 ?
Self signed not work ?

The VitXi Documentation is clear, for VitalPBx 3 and 4 you must have a valid Domain and Certificate.

the hostname is by default.
i’ve configure again with old version and it works i dont know why with 4 still not working.

Hola Miguel, en efecto hay un problema con vitxi en la version, la estoy instalando desde 0 con una licencia de carrier plus, poniendo todo en funcionamiento, conecte la troncal sobre pjsip y todo en orden, sin embargo, el hostname lo configure de acuerdo al FQDN, y la extension en cuestion no funciona, no se registra por alguna razon, revise que todo estuviera en orden pero igual sigue dando el mismo problema.

Quizas sea la version de asterisk?


Talk English please here.


I am very sure that you can go to Google and translate, not to say that the administrators and employees of the company mostly speak perfect Spanish.


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I had same issue, i was obliged to go back to V3 as i was not able to find clear solution on the forum.
When i went back to V3, all was again working fine.

i hope we will have answer from the team soon

Best regards

The VitXi v4.0.0 R3 fixes the registration issues!

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