vitxi chat issue for korean


there is some issue on korean chat

like this (automatically addding last charater)

testing enviroment

v4 (carrier plus) → base on tenant
vitxi and vitalpbx connect
macbook (monterey - 12.6.3)
chrome (109.0.5414.119(x86_64))

anyway safari is ok !


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Hi Sir,

We have not been able to reproduce the issue. Could you please try sending a message to a VitXi user instead of a SIP extension.

Also, could you please check if you have the latest version of VitXi installed?


SIP extension (Fanvil X6) is OK in english.

but, in korean same to SIP extension.

maybe, i think it is come from browser type.

and Vitxi version is 4.0.0-5


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It is possible that it is something related to the browser. Although I tried Chrome and it didn’t give me the same problem. Could you please try with another language, like Portuguese or German?