VitXi Chat and SMS E164

When creating a New Conversation in VitXi and sending to SIP (External) phone number, it will allow you to send in E164 format or just 11 digit format. This in turn creates the conversation as such.

However, when a response to that chat is received, it may be in a different format per the messaging provider’s format (E164 or just 11 digits). If that format is different, VitXi will subsequently create a new conversation.

I suggest creating some sort of mechanism for handling the expected provider’s format for both sending and receiving, perhaps in the Messaging Providers configuration.

Additionally, if an SMS does come in, and that number is found in the list of contacts, display that Contact info instead of just the number in the conversations panel.

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This also effects the ability to use the Call Button on a chat. If that Chat is in a format different from what the provider expects or different from the outbound profile for the extension, it will fail. Ex: Chat comes in with E164 format (+12125551212), but the provider only wants 11 digits on outbound calls.

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I’m seeing the same issue with this. I just configured SMS with BulkVS and am receiving SMS with E164.
Maybe there could be an option in the Messaging Provider setup to convert it to the desired format (11 digit for me).

Eli_Hunter, are you able to send SMS via BulkVS?

You know actually I haven’t tried sending since I haven’t filled out a 10DLC form for the number I’m testing with. I’ll get everything setup this week and do a full test.

Yes SMS via BulkVS works perfectly.