VitalPBX4 - Sonata Stats - Server error

I have the following issue when trying t use the Sonata Stats. I’m using VitalPBX 4.0.0 R8 and Sonata Stats 4.0.0-2.

During the installation and Initial setup we did not have any problem, just any other that we have done in the past.

The first problem is when we trying to log in, we use the admin and password we setup, but the we click login we get the page that says “Login” but it stays there forever until we click F5 to refresh and then the dashboard page of the sonata stats comes up. But is when we have the second problem, we we get a message that says “server error” . Also if I they to go the agent sync, but after adding the the ext and click on “save” get the same message “server error”.

This happend in any computer , any browser. With ither module like switchboard or recording, did have any issues whatsoever.

I addine log from /usr/share/queues-stats/backend/storage/logs (37.6 KB)

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Please check the timezone is set on report settings section, we’ll analyze the log file

I have check the time zone.

unless there is another place I need to check it.

Could you try to select a different timezone like utc on report settings and check if the issue persists

Also please check if this file exists ‘stats.dat’ on this location /var/lib/sonata/stats/lic

I will try to ran again the update

For this PBX, today we uninstall Sonata Stats 4.0.0-2. Then we update it from 4.0.0 R8 to 4.0.1 R1.

On vitalpbx timezone was set to UTC. Install Sonata Stats 4.0.0-2

At soon we open the sonata stats page to start the initial config we got the message “server error”. Not able to figure it why is giving us that message.

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My only recommendation at this point is to install it from scratch. If you continue having the issue after installing the new server, then it is possible that the issue is related to your Server Environment(Virtualization, resources, network, etc).

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Just wondering if any possibility to schedule a session to check the pbx. Maybe you can find something I’m missing.

I ran the command:

  1. dpkg-reconfigure locales
  2. and choose the option “en_US.UTF-8”
    3.reboot the vm

That sems to solve the issue. I was able to login the sonata stats with the error message that was showing, and i was able to configure users, roles.

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