VitalPBX4 Connect App with Starter License

is there a way to test the VitalPBX Connect App with the Starter License? The Connect settings tab says “Licensing Usage 0/0”. So i can´t add a new Device. Maybe i missed something?
I don´t need the 10 users of VPBX Connect license.

i think there is no bundle Connect license.

You can have 2 free devices for any monthly/yearly subscription.

Unfortunately, there is no suitable plan for my small homeoffice.

Then I will try it with the app groundwire. But I don’t get the phonebook retrieved with groundwire.
Does anyone have an idea what I need to set?

URL: I think the phonebook url.
Method: GET or POST?
Content type?
Post Data?
Auth Username?
Auth Password?
Keyword Mapping?

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