VitalPBX v4: chan_sip option

I heard that you want to get rid of chan_sip in Vitalpbx v4 by default. Please make it an Option in general settings to be able to use chan_sip if needed.

The need of importing a backup which is using chan_sip is a strange idea.
Just let the user decide.


No, we won’t add SIP as an option on VitalPBX 4. Here are the reasons:

  • CHAN_SIP will get removed by Asterisk in the future and it is already deprecated. So it doesn’t make sense to continue working with a deprecated technology.
  • Having CHAN_SIP and CHAN_PJSIP generates confusion with some end users. They believe the CHAN_PJSIP isn’t SIP.
  • CHAN_PJSIP is SIP, so you can continue connecting your SIP devices and Providers to VitalPBX with no issues.
  • You are able to import backups from version 3 and continue using the CHAN_SIP devices. Nonetheless, you won’t be able to create new CHAN_SIP devices.
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Thanks for explaining and summing up.

What if a device does not support chan_pjsip? Can it still connect and use working BLF for example?


Are you referring to old/deprecated devices?

To all devices that don’t know chan_pjsip and only know chan_sip.
There are free softphones out there that only talk chan_sip as well.

You can use a new softphone or get new phone devices.

This is similar to when a new iPhone or Android phone comes out, and you have to update some devices because they just lost compatibility.

Anyway, any non-deprecated phone device that supports SIP should be compatible with CHAN_PJSIP.

For Windows PCs, I recommend you:

  • MicroSIP
  • Zoiper
  • X-Lite

For Mobile:

  • Zoiper
  • GSWave
  • VitalPBX Mobile

I don’t have any recommendations for iOS, because I don’t use Mac. Maybe someone here can give you some recommendations about it.

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Can you please share an example?

For example: with app PhonerLite it is possible to call but BLF (NightMode) is not showing the state. No BLF-State of other extensions visible either.
This could happen to phones as well that do not support PJSIP.
Working without an issue with CHAN_SIP.

NM_1@night-mode-hint: Custom:NM_1           State:Idle            Presence:not_set         Watchers  2
NM_1@night-mode-hint: Custom:NM_1           State:Busy            Presence:not_set         Watchers  2

PJSIP is SIP. While you say it’s “not working” it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work with PJSIP. It means that with your current configuration it does not work and you have to tweak your settings to make it in work.

Thanks, can you please help what i would need to do to make BLF work?

Please create a new topic describing your setup, config, logs, errors etc.

I just tested the PhonerLite, and the BLF for extensions and NM is working well with PJSIP.

Night Mode




Thanks a lot @miguel . You are awesome!
I just updated my Phonerlite to the latest version. You are right. It works well now.

Have a great Christmas.

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Hi, i still don’t get why you can not make chan_sip an option which the user can use on his own risk or not.

I have an installation again where the phones are so old they don’t support PJSIP BLF. And an Update is not available for the phones. Clients wants to use the BLF keys and does not see the need to invest in new phones. The ones are still good. And why throw things away?

Chan_sip will work for years even Asterisk will not officially support it anymore.

Idea: make it an addon and:
like I said: use on own risk.

Or put a shell installation on github or blog and say: own risk.

Please rethink and let me know.


So, you are telling me that we’ve to continue supporting a deprecated technology just because your customers don’t want to get new phones.

That’s rich coming from you because you have complain about PHP Version, Apache Version, and even the O.S version. We could say the same about CentOS or PHP, that they will get deprecated but will continue being used for many years.

In short, we won’t include SIP as part of VitalPBX 4. If you have old phones, then use VitalPBX 3 which supports SIP.

You know that: an old phone behind NAT is not as big of a security issue than an old PHP version which is open to the whole world.
So I don’t know why you hold my point-outs towards an old PHP version against me here.

Please show me where chan_sip behind NAT is a security issue.

But i understand. You must keep your word now. No way back.

Asking to support chan_sip is like asking to support VitXi in Internet Explorer or on Windows Vista.

Like I mentioned, something that doesn’t work with PJSIP but does work with chan_sip is normally a miscommunication issue. If this forum isn’t helpful enough, you can reach out to VitalPBX support or post on the Asterisk forums.

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