VitalPBX to VitalPBX interconnection

Dear all,

I have successfully connected via PJSIP trunk over vpn 2 remote VitalPBX to each other in order to be able to call extensions internally from one Vital to the other and vice versa. Although i have selected on the outbound route created on each one that this is an intra company route, when i make a call to the remote location, the received call on the other end, is being treated as an external call and it searches for an inbound DID in order to route the call instead of treating it as internal and routing the call directly to the extension and so it returns the message no route exists to the dialed destination.

The vitalpbx extensions on siteA are 700-799
the vitalpbx extensions on siteB are 800-899

Outbound Route on SiteA uses prefix 9 with pattern XXX in order to route the call to siteB and intra-Company is checked.

Outbound Route on SiteB uses prefix 8 with pattern XXX in order to route the call to siteA and intra-Company is checked as well.

Is there anything else i am missing here?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.



the class of service of your trunk is at default? if this is the case, it uses the incoming call context from the outside. select the cos-all or create a new one dedicated to the interconnection.

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