VitalPBX SIP Trunk Problem

i have a sip trunk on my vitalpbx. its registered but incoming call and outgoing call not working.

Do you have outbound and inbound routes setup? You will want to make sure your formatting is correct based on your SIP provider.

Who’s your VoIP provider? Do they provide general instructions to connect their service with Asterisk PBXs?

Thank you for your reply.
I tested on issabel and its worked.
outbound is now ok.
but inbound calls failed.
here inbound call log:

SIP Trunk Configuration:

Seems like you configured a chan_sip Trunk, but you have 5060 setup for PJSIP.

I would strongly recommend to use PJSIP instead of chan_sip

Mine won’t even register. but I can register the trunk on 3CX…

Are you the same person as OP?

If not, please create a new topic with all the information possible.

i changed the SIP Trunk to PJSIP:
but incoming call and outgoing call failed.

Please share a screenshot of your Trunk configuration.

In our blog posts section, you can find several examples using IP Auth or the User and Password Auth method.

Add the IP address to the match field and the:

from the asterisk console run

pjsip set logger on 

Place an outgoing call, press Ctrl + C, upload the output to and share the link here. Repeat the same steps for an incoming call.

Added two IP Address and incoming calls now ok.
outgoing calls failed:

What kind of device is
The PBX successfully sent an INVITE for 09363292040 to But it responded with:

SIP/2.0 404 No Routes Found

Which probably indicates one of the two

  1. The routing on that device is not configured properly.
  2. That device expects the numbers in a different format. is my SIP Provider.
thank you
i will call support and ask this.

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