VitalPBX - Set Remainders

Is there anyway to set remainders on vital or add-on?

For example, if the customer setup an audio and upload a list of numbers that the pbx will dial and play the audio.

Or the customer need to get a third party app?


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    I need this feature also

You can use the Paging and Intercom. There’s a section to schedule the automatic execution of it.

Ok, but that would be for internal use.

What about for outbound calls?

No, there’s no option for external numbers!

This would be something interessting for Sonata Dialer, right?

Call numbers and bring them to any destination you choose first.

The idea would be to upload a contact list, and have the PBX start calling and playback an audio. I was thinking that the dialer could do something like that, but for the moment I guess not. Maybe in the feature something like this can be implemented.

If any module is possible then you could send it to Announcement (for playback). Or whatever module you like.

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