I have running a VITALPBX on cloud with AMAZON AWS EC2 service, but when I make a call after 30 seconds, the call is hang up automatically.

I have another VITALPBX running on premise in my office and don’t have problems with the call’s time.

Hi @TEC-NT_Rommel_Torres

If the call always drops after 30 seconds, it’s probably a RTP issue.
Please check your SIP and/or PJSIP settings to confirm that NAT is properly configured, and make sure that your RTP ports (can be found in the RTP settings) are not blocked by any firewall (Security Group, ACL etc.)
Note: if you change the NAT settings you’ll have to restart asterisk.

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It shows PJSIP and SIP NAT settings:


Here’s the link to a tutorial where is explained step by step how to Install and Configure VitalPBX on Amazon AWS EC2.


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