VitalPBX + Raspberry Pi

Happy Pi Day!

I’ve seen the install tutorials for VitalPBX on Raspberry Pi. I have a few of these devices (pis). I was thinking of using them to explore VitalPBX, specifically the queues, VitXi, and high availability. The goal would be to determine if this application covers enough of what is needed to warrant a larger production, with proper servers.

Are there any “gotchas” with this approach? The official FreePBX distro for example doesn’t support Raspberry Pi, so commercial modules are not available. The pis are Pi 4s, so they are 64-bit. Any module compatibility issues to be aware of?

I do have a few x86 boxes, but would love to use the pis if possible. Thanks for any insight.

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Unfortunately, Raspberry Pies are currently not supported.

Things may change once VitalPBX 4 on Debian is stable.

bummer, I assumed since I saw this (Pi and Vital) on the youtube page and assumed it was supported. I’ll go dig up an x86.

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