VitalPBX- Problem after updating 4.0.0 R8 to 4.0.1 R1

In our office we have a VitalpBX 4.0.0 R8 with stats and switchboard working just fine. We took the opportunity an update it to the latest 4.0.1 R1.

But the follwing issues:
Sonata Switchboard not able to open, at soon we try to open we get

Sonata Stats
We open the login page, enter out credencials we get to the loaging page but not further.

We have press F5 to get into the application and we get the following message

I don’t think we need to install de SMS add-on

If we go the agent synchronization and try to synchronize agents, but it does show any agents, but before the update we had it working.

Here is the log for the stats
stats logs.rar.txt (2.5 KB)
from file name just remove .txt


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Thanks for the hint.
Check the new SMS add-on and install it.
Maybe this is a workaround for now?

Updating the System API add-on to version 4.0.1-2 should fix the issue.

New installations or updates from now on won’t be affected by this issue.


Today, I ran again the update procedure and after that I reboot the system. Look like everything i back to normal. Sonata switchboard and stats no errors .

Thanks !