vitalpbx mobile unregisters when not in use or not running in background

vitalpbx mobile unregisters when not in use or not running in background. In this case im unable to receive call… i prefer it should run in the background.

it should be made user preference running in backgound or close/unregister the application while not in use.

for making outgoing calls no issue im facing.

Check the link below:

normally an individual have different phones with same extension. so are you telling we can have maximum of 2 contacts with one extension? people will have a landline, laptop , mobile phone, tablet. if a person want to use all these devices with same extension how they will achieve it?

When using PJSIP, you can have the same device connected to multiple phone devices.

unfortunately its not ringing simultaneously.

That’s something you have to check with your devices.


At some random times, I am facing the same issue, so I created a ring group with the desktop extension and the softphone extension and configured follow me on the desktop extension to ring simultaneously with the softphone extension.

However, I noticed that at random moments the client fails to send push registration to push server or even when call is answered, there is a delay for the call to be connected. I assume this is due to the fact that I am located in Cyprus, east Europe and push server is in US East. Is there a way to use a different push server located in Europe? There were some other push servers in the beginning but it seems they are not used anymore.

Can you please clarify? Thank you.