VitalPBX Mobile half working

The application is working only when it is opened on the mobile phone.
Is this a bug or by design?

When the app is closed the push server takes over the registration. Did you whitelist the push server?

Check this link:


Well, it looks like they either use a different push server, or their push server cannot reach your system for some reason.

I would

  1. Open the softphone and make sure it is registered.
  2. Open sngrep
  3. Close the softphone
  4. You should see a REGISTER with an expire of 0
  5. Check sngrep if you see any other IP trying to register with that extension number.

Alternatively, you can build your own push server:

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In sngrep I see register at the start of app (with expire 600).
At closing of the app or locking the phone nothing happens.

If the phone is not unregistering, then you may have a different problem. (Likely your phone, or notification settings)

We have this issue on 3 different phones…

So what would be the (correct) behaviour of the phone when a call comes in and the mobile is locked/closed app? Would it ring?

That’s correct. When the app is closed, the push server takes over the registration and wakes up the app once there’s a call.

Is the phone ringing also when the phone is locked?

I personally have never tested this particular app. But general VoIP apps with push servers are working even if the phone is locked.

Turned out that it was in essence a problem on firewall.
Now the phone is ringing when closed/locked.

The only thing that remains is how to answer the call. You have to pull down the push notification and then answer.
Is it possible that the app would pop up in front?

what was your firewall problem? Was it on vital?

We are only testing with 2 phones my phone will only work on whitelisted locations. any other time the app says not registered.

Back in the day of using 3 P B X and the connect app we had to add some rules on 3 P B X that made it just work!

Sorry had to edit the word 3 P B X as forum wont allow me to use the correct spelling :rofl:


Company firewall… .