VitalPBX Mobile Extensions and Contacts

Hi Joseph, is there a way now to add users as their extension numbers now if they are saved in your phone as mobile contacts? For example i cannot see my coworker who is 1002 in the app at all but i see his mobile number.

You are able to add them now through the favorites section. When you click the plus (+) sign on the top, you will be prompted to add the user’s name and extension number. You can now turn on the BLF feature to know their presence status.

Sweet !!! I’ll give that a go.

Are there plans to be able to pull all local extensions with status without the need to add individually?
For example: if a user is only using mobile app but wants to transfer call to a choice of people in the same PBX / tenancy, we would need to manually create those users in that mobile app … now say 11 users all work remotely but need to be able to transfer or call all of the others we need to set up 10 favourites on all 11 devices …
Could this be set as a template like handsets are with BLF?
Alternatively, could it be set as another tab up top that is extensions and auto populates all extensions as BLF? - In this scenario would it cause more battery drain as BLF statuses update?

We are working with a new version of our Mobile App will have the ability to pull contacts from our Phonebooks add-on. This will let you have a section for your local extensions if you’d like. This works best if you have multiple local numbers you want to have quick access to.

This sounds fantastic and will make operations a lot easier. Will it show presence / status information like on a call or free at least?
Also, can you see if you can make it to be able to transfer to these as contacts rather than having to know the extension number?