Vitalpbx mobile android

Is it possible to get the android app even if it’s a beta test app.

VitalPBX Mobile version is still in beta

I hope the beta test is doing well, any thoughts on when we may be able to download app

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We’re also wondering on the release status for the VitalPBX (andoid) Mobile app…
The one for iPhone has been working very well thus far.

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Can you please update us on the status of the Android app I have customers looking for this, at this point my only option is to use Bria but would prefer to use vitalpbx mobile. even if it’s a beta release please inform us.

I’ve used Bria in the past (w/a FreePBX build-out) and it seemed to work well.

You can download and test the beta application for Android using the link below.

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Thank you, outbound works great, do I need to open any ports/ip address’s for push notification.

If I keep the app open I can receive calls but if I close the app I see on Vitalpbx PJSIP it is unregistered, so it does not run in background on the cell phones. is this just an issue in the beta app or is it my phone is not configured right.

This is how it should work, once you close it, try to call and you will see how it registers after the second ring and in the third ring you can answer it on the phone.

It does not register after 5 rings so call goes to VM, I guess it’s not getting a push, push send is set to yes for this divice. when I was testing with groundwire I had to open firewall for there push servers do I need to do this for vitalpbx mobile.

With VitalPBX Mobile the Push Server is VitalPBX.
VitalPBX sends the Push request to Firebase in the case of Android.
We recommend that you do the tests in VitalPBX with a single device connected (Android Account) to the PJSIP account.

Is there a port that is required for push to work, thier is a firewall infront of the pbx

No register of pjsip extension when calling and app is closed.

[root@ptpbx3 ~]# asterisk -rx"database show devices/PJSIP/204"
/devices/PJSIP/204/assigned_exten : 204
/devices/PJSIP/204/emergency_cid :
/devices/PJSIP/204/hot_desk : no
/devices/PJSIP/204/location : 1
/devices/PJSIP/204/send_push : yes
/devices/PJSIP/204/tenant : 6d82a1b5a48e9e32
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You have to enable the ports 3500-3501/TCP in your firewall. If these ports are not permitted, the push token is not stored, so the device/app is not notified when a call comes to it.

Hi Sir,

This is the result our testing , may be this issue, pls verify:

  1. DTMF not working
  2. Codec Opus Not Working
  3. Transfer Call & Conference Not Working



That was it, port is now open and it works.

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  1. DTMF not working here either
  2. Codec Opus: did you check in Settings of the App that Opus is activated? Its not checked by default.
  3. Transfer Call was having issues for me as well

When i tried calling an internal number *70 or *72 the time would start running but i can not hear anything. External call no issue. PJSIP extension.

What i am missing: BLF?!


Yes, already check only opus.

Drains a lot of battery when home button is used (it’s hard to tell the client to not use the home button).
Almost no drain wenn back button is used.
Did not check yet if push will work then.