VitalPBX in Google Cloud

I installed VitalPBX on a Google Cloud VM instance. I can log into the web gui and set up some of the parameters, but as soon as I save an extension it generates a repeated “error” dialog, and the machine refuses to respond to https requests. I can still log on via SSH but I am useless with the CLI. I have tried deleting and recreating the VM twice and thee same thing happens each time. Too bad. VitalPBX looked like it may may have been what I was looking for.

I haven’t tested VitalPBX on Google cloud recently, so I can’t give you a pice of advice about it.

Nonetheless, I recommend you to share some screenshots of the error and try enabling the PHP debug.

What version of vitalPBX are we talking about?
Is there a Google Cloud Firewall you need to config or turn off?

You could test VitalPBX on Digital Ocean for example.

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