VitalPBX HA two standby nodes

Hi there!
We have successfully installed VitalPBX 4 in two identical bare metal servers and also installed their HA proof of concept, although the solution worked on staging perfectly, while implementing the exact same steps on production, we ended up with two Standby servers, this means although 1 server has the floating IP and can work with calls in production, it stays as Standby and does not display being the Master, we can also issue a bascul command from the server displaying the floating IP and that appears to work correctly by tilting the floating IP to the other server.

Here is the welcome screen text:
Role : Standby
Version : 4.0.3-4
Asterisk : Asterisk 18.17.1
Linux Version : Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)
Welcome to : vitalpbx01
Uptime : 48 days
Load : Last Minute: 0.16, Last 5 Minutes: 0.10, Last 15 Minutes 0.09
Users : 0 users
IP Address : Physical.IP Floating.IP

We tried with pcs command “pcs node unstandby vitalpbx01.local” and although it accepted the command, it does not help in making the target server display Master.

Any clues?

In addition to this, while comparing pcs config command output as well as comparing corosync.conf content, found no differences other than the hostnames, which do also correspond to proper name resolution.

Here’s the solution:

When stating hostnames it has to be very carefully typed as hostname.domain or otherwise, if there is a difference between what’s advertised in
pcs status resources | awk ‘NR==1 {print $5}’ to what the hostname command produces, then your nodes will fail to print their proper role.