VitalPBX Direct Media issues


I have tried to configure the Direct media functionality to be used when making internal calls between extensions.

The steps that I have followed:

  • In VitalPBX, under Device Profiles, I have enabled the Direct Media setting.
  • The previously configured Device profile is used on all extensions.
  • All extensions are using the same codec, ALAW.
  • IP phones in use are Fanvil and are also using only ALAW codec.

According to the articles and guides, that I found online, these steps should enable direct media, can someone please help me regarding this configuration?

Thank and Best regards, Klemen

Can you please elaborate further?

  • Are the phones on the same LAN?
  • How did you determine that it isn’t working?

Hello PitzKey,

Yes, the phones are in the same LAN.
I have determined that it is not working with taking packet captures, the RTP speech always goes from the calling phones IP to VitalPBX IP and then to the called phones IP.

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