VitalPBX Connect - Unable to send SIP messages between users

Hello, I am trialing out VitalPBX and so far so good, except that I am unable to get the message feature in the Connect App to work.

Actually when I first got VitalPBX setup using UDP 5060, I tested the messaging function thru the Connect app and it was working. Then I proceeding to adjust the transport settings to enable TLS and SRTP and calls were working but messages weren’t. So I reverted back to UDP to see what would happen, but messaging was still not working.

Any ideas on what might be the issue or suggestions on how I can troubleshoot this?

I am currently running VitalPBX 4.1.0-5 and have the TCP ports 3500-3501, 5061, 6001 as well as UDP ports 10000-20000 open in the firewall.

Thanks in advance!