VitalPBX Connect Not working with TLS / SDES Secure calling

Hello Team i am facing issue with VitalPBX connect app
it is working flawlessly with UDP but when i change it to TLS and media encryption SDES it did not work.
Is there any settings needs to be done for Secure calling with Vitalpbx Connect App

I can make phone calls through Vitixi/Webrtc and Linphone in both direction Inbound and outbound with. TLS/SDES secure calling. I can also receive Inbound phone calls with same configurations TLS/SDES on my Vitalpbx Connect app but
i can not make an Outbound calls from my Vitalpbx Connect app with same configurations
i have captured call log from calling Vitalpbx Connect app and getting below Error

2024-04-08 18:47:20] ERROR[9074] res_pjsip_session.c: 100: Couldn’t negotiate stream 1:audio-1:audio:sendrecv (nothing)

and i can see error prompt in my vitalpbx connect app

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