VitalPBX Connect GEO Firewall

I have a GEO Firewall and only Germany and Spain are allowed there.
I have also VitalPBX connect and it seems for this to function properly, you must allow USA in the Geo Firewall.
Can somone comment on this?

VitalPBX Conect requires a list of Push Servers that are around the world, you can add it to the firewall whitelist. The list follows:

Also take into account that if you are using the Let’s Encrypt certificate, it is renewed with servers in the USA.

Thanks for sharing the details. However, it’s not possible to allow IPv6 in the firewall whitelist or rules section.

Hello, yes, thanks for sharing but even I have entered all the IPv4 addresses on the white list, after I deactivated USA in GeoFW, still the app will not sighn in to any account (QR scan).
If I enable USA in the GeoFW, all functions normally.
Any tips?

You need to add the provisioning server.

Is no longer a push server? That came as part of our default install or was added at some point on supports advice I believe.

The IP is for VitalPBx Mobile Push Server. Apply for VitalPBX 3.

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