VitalPBX Connect - Firewall

I have configured the VitalPBX so I can use the Connect feature.
I have valid license and one extension to test it with.
There is the VPBX API service allowed in Firewall, ports 3500 and 3501 accepted.
I have olso opened the ports on my main FW.
The mobile Coonect Appcan reach my PBX to provision itself but the it does not stay connected.
The extension blinks - connected / disconnected.
I cannot make a call out of the App, or receive a call.
Any ideas?

Ran into the same issue the other day. Make sure TCP 3500-3501 are allowed through the firewall as well as UDP 5060.

thanks. Just forgot the 5060 port…
Its registered but no audio. Both ways.

Audio is UDP 10000-20000. Make sure that’s allowed/NAT’d on your firewall as well.

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