VitalPBX Connect cell phones not registering

We have been testing out VitalPBX and we can’t get the cellphone apps in both IOS and Android to work.
We downloaded the app from the store and scanned the QR code and get a error message “Verification Failed Please enter the value as host[:port].(host)” OK

I did purchase the Udemy class but its on version 3 and doesn’t cover the connect app. I also went though the videos online and didn’t help.

I did a packet capture and I see the traffic coming in on port 3501 and the Server responding back. The only thing that looks strange is the far end server sends 3 RST messages back after the application data finishes.

I don’t beleive this is a firewall issue since I can see the two servers setting up the connection, complete sending the application data and disconnecting. We also shut off the firewall.

Any information you you can help us with would be appreciated. We are looking to deploy the product but need to make sure we can make this work first.


I bet the FAQ will help you:

Hi mo10,

Thank you, That does clear up why I see PBX Mobile and PBX connect in the store. We did use the Connect app on the phone and we are running 4.0.5-1 on the VitalPBX server, so that should be correct.
Are there any other reasons why the app wouldn’t register or something I could try that I might be missing ?
This is the error that I’m getting on the App.

I did a little more investigation into this issue and downloaded the SIP logs off of the app. I found that the app was talking to cloudsoft IP 3.137.X.X and then to a VitalPBX cloud IP (198.71.X.X ). This is the IP that I saw in my Capture file that was communicating with my VitalPBX test server.

Eventually I saw the failed message:

“~> Info
2023-10-26T13:07:58.220Z (1698325678220471)
FAILED validation for account field host, message: Please enter the value as host[:port].

This appeared to be a licensing issue. I decided to go on the website and purchased a license for the connect app to verify. After applying the license the connect app registered with no issues.

Just an FYI for anyone else testing the software before purchasing, the Connect app doesn’t appear to work unless you purchase a license.

Hope this helps someone else going forward.


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