VitalPBX Connect App: Unable to receive calls

Hello team

We are not able to receive calls on the VitalPBX connect (both Android and iOs phones).
Making calls work fine but not able to receive, phone not ringing.

  1. PUSH Server IPs whitelist:

We have added on the Firewall’s Whitelist the IP provided on the link bellow: VitalPBX Connect Provisioning/Push Server List

A. When the App is used (not in background), we can, we can see it REGISTERED and on the ENDPOINTS list we have bellow situation:

B. When the Phone’s screen locks, it seams like the app UNREGISTERS automatically and we can see the bellow situation on the ENDOPOINTS screen:

Bellow is how the extension is configured:

Thanks in advance for your help

Try whitelisting the 10.65… and the 102.223… addresses - they are in red so not reachable somehow.

The unregistering is normal - there should still be a notification server registered.

Hello @share

I have added them but now i see only 1 line and this is only FAI IP, not Push server

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