VitalPBX Connect APP not working


Its our first time using VitalPBX, and we are configuring every aspect of the IPBX, so far everything is working great. We managed to use WebRTC on LAN and WAN. But with VitalPBX Connect APP (Mobile softphone), we are having issues.

Everytime i try to answer a call from my extension in mobile i get the SIP Error code 488 (Not Acceptable Here) - “Sipis: The SIP client instance is in Idle state.” and “RTP start failed.”, as attached in the ticket.

But when i try to generate a call from my mobile extension, the call is completed succesfully.

This problem only happens when i receive calls in the VitalPBX Connect APP.

For this tests i was using a WebRTC Extension (6517) and a Mobile VitalPBX Connect APP Extension (6513)

The test:

Extension 6513 (mobile) calling 6517 (webrtc) = 200 OK, no problem.

Extension 6517 (webrtc) calling 6513 (mobile)= the call rings on 6513 phone, when i try to accept the call, i get a error screen (attached), at this time the 6517 hears that the extension is not available, and enters the voicemail prompt. In the mobile i have the option to retry calling back, if i do so, the call completes with no problem.

I also did the same call tests on LAN and on WAN, same results.

Attached to this ticket, i sent two SNGrep from the error call, with the SIP error code 488 with Sipis and RTP error i mentioned, one SNGrep with a call completing with no error (generated by mobile extension) and two txt, one with the asterisk log of an error call and a normal call. And a printscreen from my mobile with the error when i tried to answer the call.

Any ideas why the softphone is not able to accept calls?

Since i have the Vital PBX One, i opened a ticket with the support, but they arent able to resolve this issue.
The VitalPBX support asked for change a few settings, i did exactly as told, i will post in the second post the other log they asked for, since i cannot upload more than 5 files per message.

error call.txt (46.6 KB)

normal call.txt (42.3 KB)

All the setup configurations that the vitalpbx support recommended, still the issue happen when trying to answer a call from vitalpbx connect app.