VitalPbX Connect app can not make Outbound calls when PJSIP profile is set with TLS/SDES

Hello Team this is my 2nd post on this forum and i need help regarding such issue. The issue is when i select secure PJSIP profile withTLS/SDES i can not make outbound calls from my Vitalpbx Connect app users but i can receive phone calls. With same configuration my other devices and soft Apps are working well dspite of Vitalpbx Connect App.
LInPhone to WEBRTC Inbound/Outbound => Successful
WEBRTC to Linphone Inbound/Outbound => Successful

Below is error that i am receiving when make an outbound calls with secure Profile
2024-04-08 18:47:20] ERROR[9074] res_pjsip_session.c: 100: Couldn’t negotiate stream 1:audio-1:audio:sendrecv (nothing)

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Is the device registering on VitalPBX Connect using the PJSIP profile?


Yes device is registered through PJSIP profile with TLS and SDES media encryption. Below is Screen shot of my registered device

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Hello Sir,

Please enable AVPF and RTCP MUX, then save and apply the changes.

Afterward, perform the necessary tests to ensure that everything is working as expected.


It is default configs i just enabled TLS and Media encryption. Do we need to enable these options too?

It is same after enabling above options. The issue is still existing but when i disable TLS and media encryption it works

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Please review the codecs configured in the PJSIP Settings and also check if the certificates are properly created,

Additionally, if applicable, if your router has the SIP ALG option enabled, please disable it if possible and verify if the issue persists.

Does this work over UDP and no TLS?

Yes it works perfectly over UDP but with TLS i can not make outbound calls but i can receive calls with over TLS.
I tested same user on Linphone, MizuDroid with same configs PJSIP profile with TLS and media encryption and alls were working in both scenario
VitalPBX connect app does not work for outbound calls with same configs as i tested with other apps

Any clue for this issue i am struck with this and wasted my 3 days for this issue.
I want to propose this solution to a school and for this purpose i am trying to assess this solution is there anyway to help for this issue. Below is screen shot of incoming call over PJSIP with TLS and media encryption, outgoing is not working i dont know where is issue exist to fix such it

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What is your PBX environment? Is it a self-hosted PBX?

Also, could you please verify the invite logs with SNGREP and share screenshots (ensure sensitive information is hidden)?

Yes it is deployed on google cloud and i have setup both version Vital V3 and Vital V4 and V3 is working perfectly

If it is TLS enabled we can not capture sip invite through SNGREP


I will report this case to the development team.